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Seriously, Who Farted?

i was in Best Buy, and saw this.

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Then, later, in Target, i saw this again, but in CD form.

So, in case anyone missed it, like i did.

SERIOUSLY, WHO FARTED? is available in stores now. (also on itunes, which is where i am getting mine)

I love this cover. I'm going to make an icon.
Here they are.
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Some Nick Icons!

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I posted these to nick_swardson

I thought it was this community, silly me. :D

Comment and credit if you please.


I'm going to try to get this Community up and running again.
Somehow, i've become a MOD for this Comm. So, yeah. I'll see what i can do.

Upcoming Nick Events (according to his Myspace that is)

Join me as I throw out the first pitch at the final year for the Metrodome in Minneapolis. Sept 2nd. It's a day game so call in sick to work and let's get mid-week wasted. Watch me try and throw a strike but fuck up and nail a house wife in the genitals. SEPT 2ND...Nick Swardson Day....Booze....Twins....long urine troff's.

As a Detroit Tiger Fan, I'll be saying go TIGERS, but Nick Swardson and baseball together equals AWESOME.

Nick Swardson on ‘Zohan,’ Gay Robots, and ‘Cavemen’

Swardson and Sandler in Zohan.Courtesy of Sony

He may not be a household name just yet, but fans of goofball comedy (and of Adam Sandler) should be well aware of Nick Swardson’s work. In addition to a slew of roles memorable for their general oddity (Hector the Stalker! Terry the Rollerskating Gay Guy!), he also graced the screen in Click and I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry — and now he’s teamed up with Sandler again for the Vulture-befuddling but Edelstein-recommended flick You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, which hits theaters tonight. Swardson talked to Vulture about his weird career trajectory, his self-professed tendency to be a “fucking dork,” and his guest appearance on the Best. Show. Ever. (No, not that one.) 


Source: http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2008/06/nick_swardson_on_zohan_gay_rob.html



Hey everyone! Just wanted to take the time to welcome you to this brand new community dedicated to Nick Swardson. I felt he needed some love on LJ and created this community in his honor. Feel free to post news, photos, icons, etc! And pass us along! Let your friends know we are here!

<33 Your loving mod,

Sarah C.